Dr Dilantha Gunawardana is a Molecular Biologist by training who completed his Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne. Dilantha received the prestigious Sir John and Lady Higgins Scholarship for his Ph.D. studies, which he completed in 2007. In the sciences, Dilantha possesses some level of expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, plant sciences, molecular genetics, agricultural microbiology, biosafety & bioethics and themes such as pollution and climate change. Dilantha takes great pleasure in science communication, proposal writing & piecing together science entertainment articles.

Dilantha is a researcher in the following topics and areas;

1. Non Rhizobial Nodulation in Pueraria phaseoloides
2. Cyanobionts of Azolla pinnata
3. Symbiotic bacteria living in nodules of Cowpea
4. Wild rices and their compliment of nitrogen fixers
5. Bioremediation by actinobacteria from Casuarina trees
6. Phytoremediation by aquatic plants
7. Science communication
8. Bioinformatics.