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Entry to Nature Science Journalist for a Day Comp…….

Sherpa Dreams (599 Words) Scientific communication has always been taller than Everest, rockier than Matterhorn, holier than Kailash, snowy as Kilimanjaro and as alien as Olympus Mons, which makes this rocky fortress truly a herculean task to surmount. Yet there are those who are seasoned scientific writers who have scaled the heights of success of this sought-after profession. This is […]

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Three is not a Crowd (The Story of Lichens)

It was nearly 150 years ago that lichens were discovered. Lichens were shown to be a composite partnership of fungi and algae/cyanobacteria. The relationship was called symbiosis. This fundamental canon remained as a mainstay in biology for more than a century until in the second decade of the 21st century a home-schooled Ph.D. from Montana (Dr Tony Spiribille) showed that […]