In the mythical curves of a voluptuous creature
A helical mannequin that flaunts
The perfection of creation and imperfection of being
In her near-naked breasts and hourglass hips
A heiress that radiates tones and veneers
Color-coded in ethnicity and barcoded by identity
Bearing both the canopy of skin
And the inner beauty that lies concealed
A muse who ages with man’s journey
Surrendering to nurture, in scales of expression
Of piano keys that play the tunes of the ages
Where black and white intercalate
In a bittersweet sculpture of mortality
Where beneath the chiseled imprint of nature
Lies a perennial beauty
Who will forever make love to her crown prince of evolution
In the flow and ebb of mutational bliss
Where in the echoes of one woman
Rest the seed of perpetuation
And the tide of change

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