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Three is not a Crowd (The Story of Lichens)

It was nearly 150 years ago that lichens were discovered. Lichens were shown to be a composite partnership of fungi and algae/cyanobacteria. The relationship was called symbiosis. This fundamental canon remained as a mainstay in biology for more than a century until in the second decade of the 21st century a home-schooled Ph.D. from Montana (Dr Tony Spiribille) showed that […]

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DNA – A Poem

In the mythical curves of a voluptuous creature A helical mannequin that flaunts The perfection of creation and imperfection of being In her near-naked breasts and hourglass hips A heiress that radiates tones and veneers Color-coded in ethnicity and barcoded by identity Bearing both the canopy of skin And the inner beauty that lies concealed A muse who ages with […]