I am the oxytocin flustered chimp

Who lost his precious baculum (penis bone)

And gained a royal flush of blood,

to the thrush of a boneless universe,

To a place bigger than any God.


You are the estrogen-dripping monkey-ness

Whose knee caps attest, – Just like mine –

To when we became blissfully sloppy,

Rolling and fencing tongues. And I am, the general of my actin

And myosin, my sliding filament theory.


I wear my adipose covered

By the stitch of my skin; I burn the fat,

Inside a pear-shaped kiln. I’m infinitely, the elephant inside

Your room and you are my Elephas maximus;

The man who exonerates whales,

As the humpback sings her beautiful song.


And I love you, knowing you never

Give me Meg Ryan moments of ghost whales, high on coffee,

I look at your little tummy, now getting

Flabbier, with a little flap of fat;

And you doing your exercises, to lose it all, fast.


Our love is;

Aves in graceful gender,

Hominoidea in our bipedal-ness,

Cetacea in orgasms.


And in that dopamine charged moment,

Oxytocin surrenders to a briefly risen bliss,

Of poetic overhaul,


To the charge of the serotonin brigade.


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